Wedding Booty is a new venture for Rebecca, the event organiser, who recently got married herself in February 2013.

The idea was born when Rebecca returned from honeymoon to find a spare room full the decorations and accessories she had purchased to decorate her venue. She knew there were many wedding fairs operating in the area, but she felt these were mainly aimed at wedding businesses and advertising. So wedding Booty was born.

Rebecca (with the support of friends and family) decided to create an event from scratch to help brides in her local area of Southampton.

During the many months of planning, Rebecca came to realise the potential of a table top sale, where brides to be could come along and browse what was on offer, rather than looking online.

Rebecca has had much support from local newspapers and radio to promote this new venture and hopes that everyone will spread the word about wedding Booty in the future.

Wedding Booty plans to organise and run quarterly wedding boot sales in Hampshire , and encourages brides to be to attend the events to find a bargain for their own day and gain DIY inspiration along the way.

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