Are you a bride to be? Recently engaged and looking for some DIY inspiration for your big day? Do you want to have a vintage themed wedding and need those finishing touches without spending the earth? Wedding Booty is here to help!

We are a newly formed business in Southampton, running wedding boot sales in Hampshire. Our aim is to help brides to be have the wedding day of their dreams on a tight budget, by offering the opportunity to attend one of our events and find a bargain!

In 2013 the average wedding budget was £16,164, with wedding decorations alone coming in at £500. This does not include stationary, flowers, hair and beauty or any outfitting!

At wedding Booty we know that not everyone has this much money to spend on their big day, but do we want to scrimp on the decor? Were passionate about creating a vintage/handmade wedding theme on a budget, and love the idea of brides recycling pre-loved wedding items!

Our Newleyweds that attend our events want to help, and they will be selling on their wedding items at a fraction of the retail price.

Our events offer a mixture of stalls held by newlyweds and small local businesses selling a multitude of wedding items. To name just a few: From bunting, mason jars, sweet stands, candles, wedding attire, vintage suitcases, handmade seating plans, tulle Pom poms and much much more! Don't miss it!

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